Parents and Guardians;


It seems we are always in the midst of celebrating one thing or another – prom, graduation, end of the

school year, summer, homecoming, holidays and more. This is good, but it can also be worrisome. We

want to take this opportunity to remind you that as parents you have a particularly important role in

shaping these events.


Senior year of high school is a time of nostalgia, excitement, possibility and temptation. Your teen

may be graduating soon, but that doesn’t, mean it’s time to let go. From spring break to prom, senior

trips to graduation day, there are plenty of opportunities where your teens may consider taking risks,

especially drinking and drug use.


Your teen needs you now just as much as ever. There are many ways to help keep your teen safe and

healthy. Please help keep your teen and his or her peers safe and alcohol-free. Visit the District

Chemical Health website for websites that help with parenting issues and safe and drug-free



We care about teens. We want them to enjoy celebrations and to have fond memories of them. Please

join us in this effort to help teens remain safe and sober.



Ann L. Lindberg-Borgen, B.A. LCDC

District #197 Chemical Health

SADD Advisor Henry Sibley High School