Coffee shop coming to Henry Sibley this fall
Coffee shop coming to Henry Sibley this fall
Posted on 07/20/2017

Coffee shop constructionThis October, smells of roasted coffee beans will come from Henry Sibley’s first-ever walk-up coffee bar, Warrior Wake Up. Operated by students from Henry Sibley’s Relevant Educational Approach to Learning (REAL) program, the shop will serve an educational purpose, while providing students and staff with fresh, on-site coffee.

The REAL program, led by Henry Sibley teachers Melinda and Dave Weiss and Nancy Coffeen, integrates life skills into everyday learning for students with disabilities. In this program, students practice a variety of tasks including household management and receive job training while at school.  
Providing students with authentic work training is an essential part of the REAL program’s vision, and Melinda Weiss saw an on-site coffee shop as a way for students to gain job experience first-hand. 

“Working at Warrior Wake Up is an actual job for the students, and it’s experience they’ll be able to write on their résumé when they graduate,” said Weiss. “While working, students will practice customer service skills, learn on-the-job expectations, manage money, receive sales training and more.”

Students will also develop soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication, which aren’t as easily taught in the classroom, says Melinda.

“A lot of times our students don’t have access to the same leadership roles as other students,” said Weiss. “This will give them the chance to develop and maintain leadership skills, as well as continue growing in teamwork and communication.”

With the help of a grant from the ISD 197 Foundation, Warrior Wake Up will serve Sandy’s Coffee before school and mid-morning to students and staff. The walk-up window, located in the staff lounge on the first floor of Henry Sibley High School, will offer the following beverages for cash (students cannot use their lunch account): regular and flavored coffee, cappuccino, chai tea, hot chocolate and tea.

Most of the profits from Warrior Wakeup will be re-invested into the REAL program, but plans are a portion will go to Henry Sibley Dollars For Scholars in the form of a scholarship for a student pursuing a degree in Special Education. 

The district’s other summer projects include the resurfacing of the Henry Sibley tennis courts and general maintenance, such as carpet replacement and painting, in parts of each building. 

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